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(May 12,2012)
Like all new establishments, Ki is still finding its groove, but I had my taste of more than a dozen small bites and was wowed by one after another.
(May 09,2012)
Temple San Francisco invites Bay Area dubstep fanatics to join the celebration at Ritual Dubstep’s Two Year Anniversary Party this Thursday, May 10, 2012 from 10 pm to 4 am. The event will occupy two stories of the chic San Francisco nightclub and include entertainment from some of the hottest dubstep acts.
(March 22,2012)
Tenderlions, the electronic dance music duo from San Francisco, will bring the party to Temple Nightclub on Friday, April 6, to celebrate the release of their sophomore EP through Temple Music Group
(September 16,2011)
A nightclub might be low on the list when thinking about sustainability. But what if with every two-step you took you were helping to power the dance floor?
(September 01,2011)
As a way to create and eco-conscious and green business, Temple Nightclub in San Francisco installed a sustainable dance floor.
(August 29,2011)
An interesting new alternative energy source is being harnessed in a SOMA neighborhood nightclub in San Francisco: dance power.
(March 28,2011)
You've Got The Power- 1400 Clubgoers Power Up Temple Nightclub's Sustainable Dance Floor.
(March 17,2011)
The Zen Compound has always tried to support interesting sustainability initiatives, whether or not those initiatives are necessarily practical...To them, it's all in the name of sustainability.
(June 25,2010)
Greenest Bars In The US
(April 21,2010)
For those brides and grooms who want a green, urban-chic wedding, Temple could be just the venue for you.
(April 01,2010)
Temple's, Alison Cook, wins sexiest bartender in SF.
(November 19,2009)
Temple Nightclub is on the forefront of the green industry with its fully innovative and successful vision.
(August 01,2009)
Temple's Director of Sustainability, Mike Zuckerman, featured in 944 Magazine.
(July 18,2009)
A short video about POWERLeap and their plan to install the first energy generating dance floor at Temple.
(June 18,2009)
Prana Restaurant featured on the cover of Dining Out Magazine
(April 29,2009)
Making his mark on the San Francisco electronic music scene through projects like Temple Nightclub and the Temple Music Group, Paul Hemming has become a talented resident DJ for San Francisco nightlife.
(April 19,2009)
It's everywhere. People are "going green" and so are nightclubs.
(April 16,2009)
Temple moves forward with its long-planned installation of a new dance floor, complete with piezoelectric energy.
(April 06,2009)
Temple featured as the best green nightclub in Treehugger
(March 03,2009)
A Bay Area camp is inspiring job hunters
(December 10,2008)
Temple listed as one of five green nightclubs in the world.
(December 01,2008)
When Temple Nightclub and Zen Compound founder Paul Hemming first conceived of his idea for a nightclub and cultural venue in San Francisco, he immediately sought to create an established that would pursue the triple bottom line and his idea of the world as "one living organism and one family".
(November 25,2008)
NY Times- Green Inc.
(November 03,2008)
Around the U.S., Dance Clubs Are Making Green Moves
(October 01,2008)
Bay Area Leaders Present Real Solutions for Speed and Scale
(September 19,2008)
Mike Zuckerman, Director of Sustainability at Temple nightclub in San Francisco, plans to make the trendy hot spot greener with, “compostable cups, straws...
(September 17,2008)
The Temple at the Zen Compound entertainment complex is arguably the greenest nightclub in the world. This 3,700-square- metre complex in San Francisco's trendy SoMa (South of Market) district also houses the Prana Restaurant and the Temple Music Group record label.
(July 22,2008)
Interviews for Lunar's Icon-o-Cast from the IDSA Digging Deeper conference in San Francisco
(July 01,2008)
Paul Hemming featured on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine.
(June 16,2008)
As energy costs soar, small businesses are heading back to the drawing board.
(May 09,2008)
San Francisco Business Times
(April 09,2008)
Zen Compound launches a new record label, Temple Music Group, in May.
(April 01,2008)
(March 18,2008)
7x7 Magazine
(March 14,2008)
Best spots in SF for a drink.
(February 29,2008)
Paul Hemming talks about his interest in merging ancient religion with modern technology.
(February 06,2008)
"Greening" the San Francisco Party Scene
(January 04,2008)
Remix mentions Temple's sustainable initiatives
(December 13,2007)
CNet - Green Tech
(October 24,2007)
National Geographic Traveler
(September 01,2007)
After a year of delayed openings, high concept Temple finally moves in.
(November 04,2006)
Temple featured in Club Systems International Magazine